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In-Person or Online Classes? What Do Students Prefer?

"I would say I prefer in-person classes because it's a lot easier to get instant feedback from a teacher, especially compared to asynchronous classes where I'm left to allocate my own time for assignments. I also like that in an in-person class I can ask other students around me for help and even make new friends."

- Ulysses Ochoa

"I would say that I prefer in-person classes because It is a lot easier in my opinion to get a clearer picture of what the professor is wanting, if you have questions about the course work it can be taken care of almost instantly if the class is an in-person class rather than waiting on a professor to email you back, and it’s a lot easier to make friends and socialize with your peers when the class is in person."

- Kaitlin Garcia

"I'd say I prefer online classes for the reason being that it is easier to manage around my schedule. It gives me the opportunity to continue my education without having to show up to class in person. With having a child, it can be difficult to find the time to go to multiple classes a day for a couple of hours or even a majority of a day. Online classes are my preference because that is what works for me."

- Alexa Barba

"I miss interacting with other students and having a learning environment, however, I feel like I thrive on online classes. This probably has to do with the fact that I am an introvert. I also like the fact that I can set my own time and go at my own pace. I enjoy the quiet and love working on my own. So I definitely prefer online classes. I do see the benefits of working alongside others such as collaborating on ideas and making friends, but again I love working independently. (Fun fact, I have never had a class on campus, so my entire experience has been online)."

- Tammy Galan

"I prefer online classes! Working asynchronously is much more convenient for me and much more flexible. I get to work at my own pace; the only thing I have to worry about is turning in all my assignments on time."

- Paulina Flores

Online classes have become a primary way of learning due to the circumstances revolving around the ongoing pandemic. This might not have been a popular and welcoming transition for many, but online learning is still an efficient way of learning nonetheless. Learning through an online setting still offers many similar aspects that an in-person class would have offered. You still interact with your instructors and fellow peers in a number of ways. This includes interacting with peers through discussion boards, attending set meeting times with your instructor, and emailing either your peers or instructor when you need clarification on something.

One of the more beneficial aspects of online learning is how flexible it proves to be. With online learning, you find the time that suits you to complete your assignments within their due date. Students will also find that another great advantage of online learning is that you can do it from the comfort of your home. You do not need to commute to a specific location at a certain time which can help a lot more students who may be occupied with work, family, and a variety of other things that may be occupying their time. Overall, online learning offers efficient learning such as an in-person class does, and can be accessible to more students.

In-person classes are a traditional way of learning that has proven to be very efficient in a variety of aspects. In-person classes provide a deeper sense of clarity and understanding when it comes to learning new materials. Students will have a better experience in communicating face to face rather than through email or texting. In-person allows students with different learning types such as visual, aural, verbal, physical, logical, social, and even solitary to learn how they do best. Making bonds with your peers is one of the more prominent standouts of in-person classes. Through face-to-face classes, students spend a large amount of time with their fellow peers and can create friendships that last a lifetime! This encourages students to look forward to attending class and allows them to help each other in terms of learning. Overall, in-person classes can be very beneficial for a variety of students and help them learn to their full potential.

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