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How To Use and Navigate Outlook

Reedley College provides students with a Microsoft Office Outlook email account, which will be used for all official communications from the school as well as instructors, so it is imperative that students familiarize themselves with Outlook and continue to check their inbox religiously. Students who fail to check their email regularly are likely to miss important updates and notifications, which will have a negative impact on a student's success.

To access Outlook, students will need to sign in to their SCCCD account, and from the portal homepage, select Student Email. This will open the Outlook dashboard where students will see all of their incoming emails (pictured below).

Students can update the appearance, notifications, and layout of the Outlook homepage. From the Settings bar, students can check their OneNote account, their to do list, notifications, and updates from Outlook. It is advised that students take the time to update their profile and add their profile picture used for Canvas so that emails sent from Outlook include the photo.

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