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How to Access Tutorial Services


The first thing students should do at the beginning of each semester is to take the time to familiarize themselves with the Reedley College Website. The RC website is one of the most beneficial resources that students have access to because it is the hub for all campus-related information, events, announcements, and services.  

      One of the pages on the RC website that every single student should seek out is the Student Services page. The Student Services page contains information about all Campus Services, Health and Wellness, Academic Resources, EOPS & DSPS services, and Events and Activities hosted by the campus. These are just a few of the resources that students have access to through the RC Student Services page.  

       On the Student Services page, students will find the link to the RC Tutoring Services page where students will be able to find information about all three of the tutorial centers on campus. Because of COVID-19, all tutoring services will be provided in a strictly online format through programs such as Zoom and Go Board. 

Get Help Today

      Each center has a link on the Student Services page where students can enroll in the center's Canvas Course. This is a free service that allows students to access all that each center has to offer. Once you enroll in a center's Canvas Course, their tile will appear on your Canvas Dashboard; from here, you will be able to get in touch with the center and their tutors to schedule appointments.

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