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Spring Cleaning: Tips for Organizing Your Work and Study Space (On and Offline!)

A capture of the note taking app Notability
Credit: Notability
Tip #1: Switching to Paperless Notes

First, you must be thinking--what in the world does "paperless notes" mean? Living in a technologically advanced world allows us to have millions of resources at the tip of our fingers, such as note-taking apps. The top two notetaking apps are GoodNotes and Notability--offering unique and creative ways to not only take notes, but to organize them as well. Best way to take full advantage of this organization hack is to invest in a tablet and stylus pen so you can annotate important readings your professor assigns. Switching to paperless notes allows you to avoid that messy pile of articles that your printer spits out and have everything stored in one place. With GoodNotes, you are able to organize your documents and notes into designated folders, backing up all content on a cloud---so nothing gets lost. This tip is a little pricey, but it's an investment in your education, plus, you're saving the planet!

A planner that's been written in and is surrounded by pens and highlighters
Credit: Estée Janssens
Tip #2: Investing in a Planner

The most tried and true organization tip is writing everything down in a daily, weekly, or monthly planner. Take one day out of the week, preferably the beginning, to sit down and go through all the assignments due for each of your classes. This helps you not only to stay on track, but also gives you the opportunity to break down your week instead of piling everything all one day--eventually stressing you out. If you love organizing by color, I suggest color coordinate your classes that way, when you are writing down all your assignments, you can visually see the workload of each class. You can either make your planner very aesthetically pleasing with different types of markers and fonts or using your regular ol' fashioned color pens. What is best about this organization tip, there is no wrong or right way. It is all up to you and your creative mind on how you want to tackle staying on top of your assignments!

A capture of the note taking Notion that features to-do lists
Credit: Notion

Another great way to be organized online is signing up on Notion, an online tool to help you stay productive and organized. Notion is basically as if you are creating your own personal organization blog--it's unique to you! People from all over provide templates that you can use to organize your page--or if you are tech-savvy, you can create your own! It is an efficient way to keep track of daily tasks, monetary habits, personal goals, and so much more. You can add images, stickers, and gifs that fit to your own aesthetic. This is a great way to keep everything stored all in one place while also being able to personalize it to keep you motivated!

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