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Ceremonial Fire, Land and Cultural Resource Restoration: A Talk with Tribal Elder Ron Goode

Join us for Reedley College Hour, Sept 30, 1-2 pm onZzoom as we hear from Tribal Elder and Educator, Ron Goode.

In conjunction with the RC Literary Arts Speakers Series and One Book One College Program, Mono Tribe Leader and Instructor Ron Goode will share his perspectives on the role of fire and forest management with us during the Final College Hour in September. Ron has been featured on PBS and is a retired Community College Instructor in Ethnic Studies. He was inducted in the Clovis Hall of Fame for his work in Education and Community Service in 2002.

Selected as CA Indian Education Teacher of the Year in 2006 and 2007, Mr. Goode was also nominated for the Who’s Who of America’s Teachers. Goode author of an ethnobotany book on native plants and resources, Cultural Traditions Endangered, 1992. A second book on cultural ecology is in the works. He has co-authored books, articles, and curriculum, including a book on Black Oak Restoration with Dr. Jonathan Long.In 2017-2018 Goode was the Coordinating Lead Author for the Tribal Indigenous Communities Climate Change Assessment as a new report of the California 4th Climate Change Assessment.

Mr. Goode is on the Native American Advisory Committee for the Department of Water Resources for the California Water Plan Update, and a co-founder and Summit Chair of the California State Agencies and CA Tribes - Water Summit for 2009, 2013, and 2018.

Mr. Goode volunteers his time with five collaborative and tribal forums enhancing the ecological environment, watersheds, and cultural resources of the forests, Parks, and tribal lands. Along with his tribal members, he has been involved in restoring cultural resource sites including meadows, oaks, and cultural resources on Forest Lands over the past twenty-five years. In 2018 Goode and the Tribe negotiated a “Master Cost Share Agreement” with the Sierra National Forest, which will open up Cultural Burning practices and training certifications corresponding to the work they do on the Forest.

Mr. Goode, and his tribal and ecological team, have been conducting Cultural Burns with Sequoia Park, Bass Lake Ranger District Sierra National Forest, Cold Springs Rancheria, Private and Tribal Lands in Mariposa with the Mariposa Miwok Tribe. Mr. Goode continues to share information at Universities, Colleges, Seminars, Webinars, via Zoom and other Internet venues. We are grateful to have this opportunity to hear from him as we all begin to better understand the implications of climate change and the increase in wildfires in our own geography.

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