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AI & the Business Field

By: Gabriela & Patricia Santiago

The use of an open artificial intelligence like Chat GPT in the business field might come as a surprise to most people. The business field is not a particular writing heavy sector, so how could this generator apply? Well it turns out there are many creative ways that Chat GPT can be used when it comes to business. The effects of Chat GPT range from positive to negative, and also vary depending on the specific business career.

Positive Effects

Chat GPT can have some positive effects on the business field including speeding up repetitive tasks. Having Chat GPT take care of such tasks, provides more time for employees to focus on other tasks. Chat GPT can also be used to increase the range and efficiency of data collection. Compared to individuals, Chat GPT completes these tasks in a more time efficient manner. It can also help reach more customers in a shorter amount of time (Ikram, 2023). Its overall effectiveness can make it easier for businesses to achieve certain goals and increase productivity.

Negative Effects

Although Chat GPT is a useful tool, it does have some setbacks to it. It can provide incorrect information, be out of date, or simply lack depth. In instances were communication between a business and its partners or clients, this can create problems. The text written by Chat GPT can be seen as basic, repetitive and lacking personalization (Embree, 2023). This type of writing is not always ideal in situations when a business needs to be convincing. Chat GPT may also be limited in its areas of knowledge (Patel, 2023). This would not make it very productive and would require the expertise of an employee.

ChatGPT and Business Careers

Data Analyst

A data analyst is someone who gathers and examines data to identify important information about a company's customers and solve problems. These individuals can use ChatGPT to assist them in their daily tasks. The tool is capable of analyzing and breaking down vast amounts of data and translating it into reports and summaries that describe key information (Leighton, 2023). While ChatGPT can aid and save time for data analysts, they will still need to use their expertise to detect any errors in the data or models.


Accountants are tasked with overseeing the financial records of a company or individual. They are often involved with financial records, taxation, auditing, and consulting. ChatGPT can help accountants process invoices at a faster rate, as well as extract data from these invoices to aggregate various expenses. It can also help maximize their time by being able to perform repetitive tasks, such as data entry, allowing accountants to concentrate on more important tasks. However, despite these valuable uses, accountants should be aware of inaccurate answers and misinterpretations from ChatGPT (Williams).


Chat GPT can be a useful tool in providing customers with personalized messages and emails that capture their attention (Leighton, 2023). More personalized emails have a higher chance of successfully marketing products to consumers and are also less likely of being seen as spam. However, Chat GPT lacks proper search engine optimization (SEO). This is an important process to successful marketing because SEO improves the visibility of content on search engines. Chat GPT is not able to strategically include key words to make this process possible (Embree, 2023).

Product Manager

Product managers are professionals that identify customers’ needs and leads the development of a product or set of products that has an objective to fulfill in a business. These individuals can use ChatGPT to generate product descriptions and marketing copy. Doing so would save time for product managers while still creating persuasive descriptions for specific audiences. As mentioned previously, ChatGPT can analyze large amounts of data, product managers can use this feature to analyze customer reviews. This would allow them to see what needs to be changed and what is working for a product. The tool can also complete simple and repetitive tasks such as helping write emails, aiding with customer support, and managing social media (Singh, 2023).

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