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A Valley Perspective on International Coffee Day

On October 1st, every year since 2014, coffee lovers around the world rejoice in the love of life's most extraordinary splendor, coffee. While many may use it as an excuse to enjoy just one more cup, this day is also used to create awareness of the plight of coffee bean growers.

Every culture has its tradition when it comes to coffee. It could be argued that our Californian culture has adapted to drinking iced coffee, especially in the valley's heat. A coffee tradition that I personally enjoy is grabbing a coffee at Starbucks and people-watching. Seeing the behaviors and interactions of others is fascinating. How my Oaxacan brother-in-law likes to drink his coffee has always interested me. He makes it in a bowl and dips pan dulce in it; then, he ingests it from the bowl. Whether you drink from a bowl or a cup, there are many ways to celebrate this year.

Ways to celebrate this year could range from simply making an extra cup of coffee to treating yourself to one at your local Starbucks or Dutch Bros. You can also celebrate by bringing awareness to the plight of coffee growers. A great way to do this is by visiting a local coffee shop, such as Brick and Stone in Dinuba or Missio Dei Café in Reedley (at Redeemer's Church). Buying from small businesses will not only help the local economy but may also give access to the supply chain and information on what coffee is grown.

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