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4 Tips From A Tutor: How To Start The Semester Strong

As we begin a new semester learning some new (or old) tips about how to start the semester on the right foot might help. Whether you are an incoming freshman or a tried and true college regular, these tips may help you set yourself up for success.

#1 Read Everything

I know reading isn't always exciting, but it is essential to read everything to start the semester off right. This means reading through the whole syllabus thoroughly. Your syllabus contains vital information that will help you succeed. It also means thoroughly reading assignments and any required text. This will ensure you don't miss any essential information and are on the right track to success.

#2 Stay On Track

Using a planner to stay organized is essential to staying on track in college. You should review your course and put any important due dates in your planner. Often This will help you stay on track and help reduce procrastination. Whether you decide to keep a schedule/planner digitally or on paper, it will help you start the semester strong and stay on track. Staying on top of all your assignments is also key to staying on track.

#3 Set Up A Workspace

This might seem obvious, but a clean, organized workspace can be effective. If possible, set up your desk in a quiet spot, free from distractions, so you can focus. You also want to stock your space with necessary materials, like pens, pencils, and required textbooks, so you don't have to run around whenever you need something. Keeping your workspace clean will also help your productivity. Doing this will help you succeed in your courses.

#4 Ask for Help

Asking for help in college is essential. If you don't understand something, don't be afraid to ask for help from your instructor. Visiting office hours is also a great way to get additional help. Furthermore, multiple student resources are available on campus, including the Reading and Writing Center, the Math Center, and the Tutorial Center. If you are confused, asking for help can keep you on track and give you an excellent start for the semester.

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