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2024 Tutor Expo

Every year, student workers and faculty from around the SCCCD district gather for the annual tutor exhibition. This is the Tutor Expo’s sixth year and is still going strong! Student tutors from the district's reading, writing, math, and tutorial centers prepare and present poster boards and PowerPoints to share new and creative ways to help students. This year, the theme is new technologies, and we are excited to share our new ideas with workers from all SCCCD campuses.

In the past, the Reedley College Reading and Writing Center has always created presentations to share with the Expo participants, and this year is no different. Together, we are presenting two unique posterboards and two creative PowerPoint that demonstrate new technologies available to students. From tabletop technologies like sticky notes and bookmarks to cutting-edge tech like AI, our RWC team is pushing limits to present new, fun, and helpful ways to incorporate technologies into our tutoring sessions.

Everyone here at the Reedley College Reading and Writing Center is looking forward to sharing our presentations with you after the expo. We also plan to utilize and implement many strategies learned! Stay tuned for next month's edition, where we will highlight the key points of our presentations.

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