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Using Proper Netiquette

Being Professional in an Online Environment

     Being a student means that you are now part of a professional community that includes all of the Reedley College staff, faculty, and your peers. Being a student is also a time of preparation for when you will enter the professional world after graduation: it is important to start practicing proper behavior when interacting with fellow students and your instructors because this equates to how you need to conduct yourself around future co-workers and employers.

      All forms of communication, be it in person or digital, need to be polite, professional, and proper, especially when communicating with your instructors or other campus staff as this shows respect for not only the person with whom you are communicating but for yourself as well. It is also expected that you show respect for your classmates in all group projects or discussions whether they are online or face-to-face. 

      When composing emails or discussion responses, remember to avoid slang, short-hand text, and disrespectful language; you should also be sure that your communications are proofread, grammatically correct, and appropriate or pertinent to the assignment. Even if you are just posting a brief forum response or leaving a comment on a classmate's post, you need to maintain a level of professionalism that is expected from college students.

"Students must learn the importance of communicating properly and effectively in discussions and via email to be successful." 

- RC Staff

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