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National Library Week 2022

This year is proving to be a more challenging one overall than many had hoped for, and no part of American society has felt it more than jobs which face the public. As we exit the first quarter of 2022, it seems all there is left for an average person to do is prepare for an extended ‘return to normal’ phase. We rely on those who face the public and who educate the public now more than ever. This is why this year’s National Library week is so important.

This year the American Library Association announced its pick for the theme of 2022’s National Library Week. National Library Week is a time when we can come together as a community and support those who organize and get us the most reliable access to information possible. This makes the selected theme “Connect with Your Library” all the more fitting.

As the American Library Association promotes, “National Library Week is an annual celebration highlighting the valuable role libraries, librarians, and library workers play in transforming lives and strengthening our communities.”

To show our appreciation, the RWC reached out to Reedley’s library staff to hear their National Library Week reflections.

What does the 2022 theme, Connect with Your Library, mean to you?

"It means so much! Libraries connect people to all kinds of resources: knowledge, Internet, a safe place to chill, and, most importantly, to fellow humans!While I enjoyed being able to help patrons over the pandemic with Library to Go, Scan and Deliver, and other virtual resources, nothing is better than connecting with patrons in "real life." This year's theme reminds me that the human element is what keeps libraries doing all the cool stuff that they do." – Kim Davidson, Library Technician

This year, we're increasingly seeing a push to 'open up' and 'return to normal' as officials hope for a gradual end to the pandemic.

What has this experience been like for you?

"In my experience, working in a primarily virtual environment with students definitely changed the dynamic but it allowed me to offer library services in a way that was more flexible and accessible. We had to be more creative in how we wanted to engage with students, but also how we approached providing programs and services. In hindsight, changing how we support our students, by offering more virtual services and being more flexible with students' busy schedules has been positive, and is something that we will continue to provide because it is so necessary." – Allie Kenyon, Librarian

What could a student-body do, in your opinion, to best show their appreciation for/advocate for the library?

"The best thing that the student body can to do advocate for the library is to use it! Study with friends, borrow resources, change your phone at the charging stations, and just spend time in the library." – Kim Davidson, Library Technician


When it comes to engaging with the library this week and for many weeks to come, please follow the Reedley College library Instagram [@reedleycollegelibrary] and check out the resources already available. There will also be details as to how a lucky student might win a prize by participating in the ALA’s #MyLibrary promotion on social media!

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