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International Peace Day

The 21st of September is officially International Peace Day 2023, and this year’s theme revolves around fighting against racism. This year’s theme was chosen because of the greater current understanding of institutional racism and because of how racism impacts marginalized people throughout society. The goal of this year’s International Day of Peace is to call for people to come together collectively against racism and promote harmony. The day was officially recognized by the UN as an effective way to promote peace globally. The purpose of International Peace Day is to inspire people to move away from intolerance and violence and to push 1981. It was decided by the UN that dedicate a day to peace towards connecting with everyone around the world. International Peace Day also focuses on highlighting the human and economic toll of war and violence throughout the globe. There is a ceasefire among the countries in the UN for the day and instead they focus on humanitarian aid. The symbol for International Day of Peace is the dove, which traditionally represents love.

Ways to Celebrate

There are several activities you could do to celebrate International Day of Peace. Some fun ideas include:

  • Creating posters promoting peace and anti-racism.

  • Organizing a march or rally for peace.

  • Getting International Day of Peace trending on social media.

  • Raising awareness of institutional racism by sharing videos or books that discuss the issue.

  • Donating to charities that support fighting racism and helping people in war torn countries.

  • Hosting an art exhibit that promotes peace and racial justice.

  • Visiting war memorials in honor of those lost in war.

  • If you have children or younger siblings, you could draw images of a peaceful world with them.

Whatever you choose to do, no act is too small. With all the unrest and injustice in the world, be sure to spread peace and love not only on International Day of Peace but also a little bit every day. It could make all the difference in the world for someone.

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