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Conclusions Around AI

ChatGPT has been the talk of the town since it was first launched in January of this year. Many articles have discussed the pros and cons of AI. As we explored its capabilities above, one thing remains clear; it is up to us to decide how to use ChatGPT and AI responsibly.

Teachers must limit its use in the classroom due to plagiarism concerns, but embracing it as a helpful learning tool is not off the table. It will be our responsibility to use this new program in a good way and not abuse it. The interesting point is that ChatGPT will have to be monitored just like previous technological advances. These past technological advances include calculators, computers, spell checkers(this nifty little gadget was used in the early ’90s), phones, and now ChatGPT. According to Greg Brockman, OpenAI’s president, OpenAI has billed itself as "a mission-driven organization that wants to ensure that advanced A.I. will be safe and aligned with human values." We know that careful monitoring of future use of this new technology will need to continue in order for students and the general public alike. Here at the RWC, we are looking forward to how this new AI may become helpful with specific guidelines for use especially in the world of education and beyond. So we asked ChatGPT itself, What is the best way college students can use ChatGPT?

Here is the response:

CHATGPT can be best used by college students to help them brainstorm, generate ideas, and get feedback on their writing. Students can use CHATGPT to ask questions about their essays, and get detailed answers in a relatively short amount of time. By engaging in a natural language dialogue with CHATGPT, students can quickly receive feedback on their ideas and determine the best way to approach their topics.In order to avoid plagiarism, college students should use CHATGPT to help them generate ideas, but not to compose the actual paper. The responses from CHATGPT should be used as a brainstorming tool, but should not be used directly in the paper. Additionally, students should always cite any sources they use, whether they are online resources, published works, or the CHATGPT responses.To get the most help from CHATGPT, college students should be as specific as possible when asking questions. CHATGPT works best when the student provides more details about the topic. By giving more information and context, students can get more accurate and relevant responses from CHATGPT.

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