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ChatGPT & Language Learning

By Emily Rawlings

Almost everyone has wanted to learn a new language, regardless of whether just one language is known, or several. For some, it is a required part of life, for others, it is a hobby, and even others may want to learn another language to travel with ease. Regardless of why people want to learn a new language, it is difficult to gain fluency and have materials to do so. As technology has advanced and Ai has become more life-like, ChatGPT can step in to take this place by aiding learning and helping individuals gain the necessary skills for fluency.

First off, ChatGPT can reword sentences into proper English. Sometimes it can be difficult to determine where to put words in a sentence, this is where ChatGPT can take a sentence like “I pigeons love with passion.” to the proper sentence of “I love pigeons with a passion.” Furthermore, ChatGPT can define this sentence as meaning “I have a strong and intense love for pigeons.”

Two skills that must be required for fluency in any language are vocabulary and grammar, which ChatGPT can drill users on. In order to do this, ChatGPT can be asked to give an easy vocabulary drill. It will give five sentences and ask the user to use each in a sentence. In response, ChatGPT will give suggestions on how to fix the sentences that were improper. As for grammar skills, it will give five sentences to fill in the blank with the proper verb tenses, and likewise will correct improper responses. So, ChatGPT can provide a sort of worksheets to fill out and correct the responses.

As you can see, ChatGPT has incredible ways to facilitate the learning of a new language, whether it be via proper rewording sentences, providing a sort of test-subject to talk to with current fluency levels, or giving grammar and vocabulary tests. This is just the tip of the iceberg as ChatGPT can also translate, explain confusing aspects of a language, as well as give stories and other media to read in the language being learned.

Overall, ChatGPT is a fantastic tool for language-learning, has limitless abilities to teach all the different aspects of a language, and I hope you can use this Ai to conversate with fluency.

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