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A Valentine’s Day Read

RWC tutor Jannette Rodriguez gives a book recommendation in anticipation of Valentine's Day.

February is a month of love, when everyone showers their loved ones with gifts and letters, expressing their love to one another. Although it is always nice to receive gifts, another way to show your love is through a great book.   If   you  have  seen   Tim   Burton’s   The   Nightmare  Before   Christmas, then you will enjoy Ernshaw’s Long Live the Pumpkin Queen. It can be interpreted as an exquisite  love story between Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King, and  his  queen, Sally Skellington. It allows for quality time with your partner, friends, or even family.

Quick Film Recap

Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas follows Jack Skellington, Halloween Town’s beloved Pumpkin King, in his journey of rediscovery. As the town has just had a successful Hallow’s Eve, Jack discovers he has become bored with the same holiday routine. He contemplates his purpose and wanders into a grove of trees, each pertaining to a different holiday. He accidentally slips into Christmas Town and is in awe of all its bright colors and warm spirit. He plans to take over the holiday by stealing Santa Claus and replacing his role. However, despite Jack’s attempt to bring about such a joyous holiday, he creates an utter nightmare, which leads him to realize he never needed the change.

Book Summary

Long Live the Pumpkin Queen by Shea Ernshaw begins right where Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas ends.  Sally is officially named the Pumpkin Queen after she marries Jack Skellington. With only a few weeks before Halloween, Jack and Sally visit Valentine’s Town for their honeymoon. After returning to Halloween Town, Sally feels the citizens treat her differently, so she runs into the fields to escape her new life. She runs so far from the other holiday doors that she discovers a new one. However, that door ultimately holds a terrible fate in store for all the other realms. Only Sally can save the realms and on her journey of self-discovery, she will have to make the ultimate sacrifice for love.

Valentine’s Town

If you have seen The Nightmare Before Christmas, then you may remember the seven holiday doors, one being Valentine’s Town. Jack and Sally visit Valentine’s Town to celebrate their honeymoon. The town is filled with all things sweet, and the atmosphere has a pink, dreamy tinge. It is ruled by Ruby Valentino, who oversees Valentine’s Day in the human realm. She ensures no bleeding hearts grow into the fountain where the love potion is made and used for the cupids’ arrows. If a bleeding heart makes its way into the fountain and a cupid dips its arrow into it, then whoever is struck by that arrow will suffer a broken heart. Cupids can only be trusted on Valentine’s Day and no other day of the year. Also, they are actual babies.

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