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6 Ways to Reduce Stress

With finals fast approaching, the last few weeks of the semester can be stressful for students. With this in mind, I decided to come up with a list of stress-reducing activities that I hope students will find helpful.


Putting down thoughts on paper can help to reduce stress and process emotions. Consider keeping a daily journal, writing poetry, or writing a letter and sending it to a friend or relative.


Even if reading isn't something you usually do, reading can be a good way to de-stress. Some ways to find enjoyable books for those who don't read regularly are by asking for recommendations from friends and family or using apps like Goodreads to find books similar to ones that you have read before. Free ways to access books are through the local library system, college library, or the app Libby which has e-books and audio books that can be accessed with a library card.


Meditation is a good practice for relieving stress because it involves letting go of worries and stress to focus on the present moment.


Exercising has many benefits, both physical and mental. If you find yourself getting stressed out, try going on a walk and admiring the autumn leaves, or going to the gym to work off some of your stress. Biking, hiking, and running are more ideas for reducing stress through exercise.

Listen to/ Play music

If listening to music is something that calms you down, try making a playlist of songs that relax you. If you struggle to come up with songs, music apps like Spotify have many calming playlists that you can find by searching words like "chill" or "relaxing" music.


Baking and cooking are methods to alleviate stress because of their methodical nature and the level of concentration that they often require. The Internet is a good resource for finding recipes that fit your skill level, as is Pinterest. One idea is asking a relative if there are any family recipes they have written down, and making that dish for Thanksgiving or your next family get-together. This could bring back old traditions and even create new ones.

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