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1st WednesdaY at 1:00 PM

with fiction writers David Borofka and Ryan Kenedy

--First Wednesday at One Series--

Questions? Email English Instructor David Dominguez Reedley College 995 N. Reed Ave. Fresno, Ca, 93654 * (559) 494-3000

About David-

David’s work has earned such awards as the Missouri Review’s Editors Prize. Carolina Quarterly's Charles B. Wood Award for Distinguished Writing, the Emerging Writers Network the Nancy D. Hargrove Editors Prize from Jabberwock Review, the Prism Review Fiction award, and Coolest American Stories 2023 while his collection, Hints of His Mortality, won the 1996 Iowa Short Fiction Award. His novel, The Island, was published by MacMurray & Beck, portions of which appeared in Gettysburg Review and Shenandoah. He was a finalist for the 2017 Flannery O'Connor and 2019 Jordan Literary Awards and his most recent collection of stories. A Longing for Impossible Things was published in March 2022 as part of the Johns Hopkins Poetry and Fiction Series. It was acknowledged with an American Fiction Award for the short story from American Book Fest. A new novel, The End of Good Intentions, was released on September 15, 2023, from Fomite Press, and Johns Hopkins will once again publish a unique collection of stories, The Bliss of Your Attention, in the spring of 2025. David earned a BA from Lewis & Clark College and an MFA at the University of Alabama. 2019, after serving as an English instructor for 36 years, he retired from Reedley College, where he founded the long-running and prestigious Speakers Series.

About Ryan:

Ryan’s short fiction has appeared in North American Review, The Greensboro Review, and Sou'wester. New work is forth coming in the North Dakota Quarterly. He is the author of a new novel titled The Blameless. The esteemed American novelist Steve Yarbrough says, "Ryan Kenedy's novel is taut and timely, and I found it absolutely riveting. While there is plenty of pain in these pages. there are also moments of enlightenment and grace, rendered all the more meaningful because they are hard-won." Sharon Harrigan, author of Half. says. *Unflinching. compassionate, and gripping. The Blameless is a gem of a novel by a master storyteller. It challenges us to rethink everything we thought we knew about crime and punishment, guilt and forgiveness. This gorgeous and moving novel of ideas also bears witness to the human potential to completely remake ourselves." And Stephen Schottenfeld. author of This Room Is Made of Noise, says. "A suspenseful and beautiful tale of two haunted characters on a collision course. Kenedy writes acutely about the arid landscape, the hard labor, the unceasing economic pressures—and the complex. tangled history of his dual protagonists. With utmost precision, he chronicles lives in poignant disarray. He has crafted an immersive and aching narrative of guilt. retribution, and restoration." Ryan is a professor of English at Moorpark College. Ryan earned his BA and MFA in creative writing at Fresno State.

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